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Through our slack channel you can be instantly connected to a network of Digital Professionals living in or passing through Budapest.

Find meetups, events, co-workers or simply find someone to join you for a beer in one of Budapest’s many bars.

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DigiDrinks - Budapest

Join us at the next #DigiDrinks event! Meet the Digital Talent of Budapest over a few friendly drinks.

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Digital Budapest is the easiest and quickest way to get connected to other professionals in Budapest. Soon we will have job listings and a comprehensive listing of meetups & events in the city.

For now don’t miss out on opportunities and join the slack channel to be kept up to date.

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Digital Professionals of all fields can be found in the Digital Budapest slack channel. Get advice, meet new people & network.

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Employers list their jobs through our #jobs slack channel! Don't miss an opportunity!

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New to Budapest or just wanting a beer? Find company through the slack channel!

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Budapest is a thriving, vibrant place full of events and meetups. Through our slack channel you can always be kept up to date.

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Need a Budapest based digital employee? Look no further.

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Budapest never sleeps. There are new opportunities & possibilities every day. Stay in the loop, get involved or organise yourself. Just don't miss out.

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